Background Check Policy

Ohio DI is announcing an important new policy that will impact all Team Managers, Assistant Team Managers, and Regional Challenge Masters for the 2019-2020 DI season.  As required by Destination Imagination’s Rules of the Road, III.D.7 (page 8), all adults (18 years of age and older) serving in these roles must submit to an approved background check.  This change, part of DI’s Youth Protection Policy, will help ensure that our program continues to be a safe and positive experience for all of our student participants.  

Many of our volunteers already submit to an approved background check through an employer, the school district that sponsors their DI program, or another organization.  Most of these background checks will satisfy this new requirement.

For those who have never had a background check, Ohio DI is partnering with Sterling Volunteers to offer an approved check for $28 that is completed online.  Each volunteer will be responsible for the cost of their Sterling Volunteers background check.  

Very Important:  The deadline for submitting a background check (or meeting one of the above requirements) is January 15, 2020.  

School/district Coordinators or Regional Directors will be providing additional information and instructions to Team Managers and Assistant Team Managers soon. 

If you do not obtain a background check and/or provide documentation to either your School/District Coordinator or Regional Director by January 15, 2020, your team will be ineligible to participate in a Regional Tournament.