Calling All Ohio Destination Imagination and Odyssey of the Mind Alumni

Alumni Volunteer Roles

As alumni, you might be thinking that the only way you can volunteer is to appraise at a tournament. This, however, is certainly not the case, Please contact your Regional Director, send us an email at, or find us on Facebook for more opportunities to help "give back" to the program you loved as a kid.

Alumni Recognition for Tournaments

We are looking for a way to visibly recognize Alumni at our tournaments, to provide recognition to Alumni volunteers, and to allow our program community to see that there is a strong Alumni presence in Ohio. Send us an email at to share your great ideas on how we can recognize our Alumni!
Are you interested in getting plugged back in to the program you love? Ohio Kids for Creativity is building a network of past participants who want to build the future of DI!

To register as a DI/AOM alumni, complete this survey!

PLUS…check out the International Destination Imagination Alumni Ambassador program. Click here to learn about other ways you can give back and get involved.

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